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Nadirisms 118-120: Afterlife/נאָכלעבן/fortleben

118th Nadirism:

Slowly--like a child cutting into the honey cake their grandmother gave them for their birthday--so slowly did I cut into the world with my eye, gradually sating it, indulging in but a crumb of world at a time.

Pamelekhn--vi a kind shnayd arayn in a gantsn lekekh, vos di bobe hot im geshenkt tsu zayn geburtsto--azoy hob ikh pamelekhn arayngeshnitn mayn oyg in der velt arayn, es langzam gezetikt, nisht fargunen zikh tsu zen mer vi a brekl velt af a mol.

119th Nadirism:

Sir Oliver Lodge believed in life after death. So do I. We are a life after death--[the death] of so many generations. We are the ghosts of the world-to-come, with whom our great-great grandfathers continue to communicate.

Sir oliver lodzh gloybt in a lebn nokhn toyt. Ikh oykh. Mir zenen a lebn nokhn toyt--fun azoy fil doyres. Mir zenen di gayster fun yener velt, mit velkhe undzere elter-elter zeydes shteyen in farbindung.

120th Nadirism:

A king is nothing more than human, and sometimes less.

A kenig iz oykh nisht mer vi a mentsh un nokh veyniker.

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