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Nadirisms 76-81: God, Light, & Bread

76th Nadirism:

It is perhaps a natural law that when an individual stands in opposition to the thousands, the individual will be rejected and beaten back by the thousands. Although this is not “wisdom” on the part of the individual, nor “heroism” on the part of thousands.

Es iz efsher a natur-gezets, az eynder, vos shtelt zikh kegn toyznt, zol fun ale toyznt tsurikgeshlogn vern. Khotsh metsad dem eynem iz dos nit keyn “hokhme” un metsad di toyznt iz dos nit keyn “heldishkayt.”

77th Nadirism:

Goyim toygn nisht tsu zayn keyn antisemitn. Zey kenen undz nisht genug. Zey hobn undz srov faynt far undzere mayles, dos iz fe, mies.

Anti Semitism hardly does the gentiles any good. They don’t know us well enough for that. In general, they hate us for our virtues. It is ugly, disgusting.

78th Nadirism:

A ray of light cannot be cut with a sword, no matter how long, sharp, or mighty the sword may be!

A likht-shtral ken men nisht ibershnaydn mit keyn shverd, vi sharf un vi lang un vi makhtik di shverd zol nisht zayn!

79th Nadirism:

Man once looked for Gods, these days we make do with less; these days, man looks for--man.

Amol mit yorn tsuik hobn mentshn gezukht geter, haynt banugnt men zikh mit veyniker, haynt zukhn mentshn--mentshn.

80th Nadirism:

No man is great, my child, except for he who stands on another’s shoulders. Do not stand on another’s shoulders and do not let another’s feet stand on yours!

Groys iz keyner nisht, mayn kind, akhuts der vos shtelt zikh aruf fremde mentshns akslen. Shtey nisht af fremde akslen un loz nisht keyn fremde fis shhteyn af dayne!

81st Nadirism:

Every crumb of bread unto--dream…

Every scrap of dream is yoked unto

the ox’s yoke of bread.

Yeder shtikl broyt vert--kholem…

Yeder pitsl kholem vert ayngeshpant in

oksnshpan fun broyt.

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