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Written beginning in 1936, Melech Ravitch's My Lexicon is a personal encyclopedia of Yiddish literature between the two World Wars. While it is undeniably one of the best reference books for Yiddish writers, their biographies and personalities, it has not to my knowledge ever been translated before. Inspired by the Joshua Fogel's blog translation of the Yiddish Leksikon, I will be attempting to translate the four-volume behemoth entry by entry. 

The purpose of this project is, to paraphrase Ravitch: 

"so that Anyone who wants to study the Yiddish literature of Ravitch's time will--I hope--look in this book and be grateful to the translator for providing them with a set of keys, however partial (perhaps two will jam the lock, and perhaps one will open it) to a community of sincere and suffering Jewish souls from a great and tragic Jewish generation.

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