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Nadirisms 101-103: On Complaint

101st Nadirism:

My father-in-law looks at me like at a clock without hands. He’s heard that I “work,” but as for what I do and for what I’m needed, he hasn’t the foggiest.

Mayn shver kukt af mir vi m’kukt af a zeygerl on vayzers. Epes hert er, az ikh “gey” nor vifl ikh halt tsu vos m’darf mikh veys er nisht.

102nd Nadirism:

We’re so poor that we’re ashamed to even open our wallets for less than a...ducat.

Mir zenen azoy orem, az mir shemen zikh aroystsunemen fun keshene veyniker vi a...rendl.

103rd Nadirism:

Some of my friends complain:

“We don’t get winters like we used to!”

“Listen here, it didn’t used to be like this.”

“Well, what was it like?”

“It was different.”

“Better or worse?”

“Worse. But the worse was better.”

That is to say, the better’s not so bad, of course, but it can’t even compare to the worse...

A teyl khaverim baklogn zikh:

“Nishto di amolike vinters!”

“Amol, farshteystu mikh, iz nisht geven azoy”

“Vi azoy-zhe iz geven”

“Es iz geven andersh”

“erger , tsi beser?”

“Erger. Nor dos erger iz geven beser.”

Dos heyst, dos besere iz oykh nisht shlekht, m’kon nisht zogn, nor tsum ergern kumt es nisht…

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