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Nadirisms 104-107: Modernist Musar

104th Nadirism:

Should we live as God commanded, although we don’t know exactly what God commanded, or should we live according to our free will--although we don’t know what kind of pest that’ll turn out to be?

Zol men lebn vi got hot gebotn, vi voyl m’veyst nisht akurat vos got hot azoyns gebotn, oder zol men lebn loytn frayen viln--hagam m’veyst nisht vos far an onshikenish der frayen viln iz azoyns?

105th Nadirism:

Should we lead healthy lives and die in good health? Or should we ruin our health and not live past our death?

Zol der mentsh ophitn s’gezunt un shtarbn a gezunter? Oder zol er zikh ruinirn s’gezunt un lebn nisht mer vi biz in toyt arayn?

106th Nadirism:

Should we follow our hearts and suffer for it? Or should we follow our heads--and regret the suffering we avoided?

Zol a mentsh ton vos dos harts heyst, un zayn af tsores? Oder zol er ton vi der kop heyst--un dernokh benken nokh di tsores vos er hot farhit?

107th Nadirism:

The whole of his “character” pours out while he talks. Not a single world he says is whole, they all have a hole somewhere, and the bit of good sense in them pours out.

Zayn gantser “kharakter” rint aroys durkh zayne reyd. Yedes vort zayns iz nisht gants, hot a lekhl ergets, un dos bisl seykhl, vos iz do in dem, rint aroys.

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