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Nadirisms 108-112: Chauvinists, A Lovers' Discourse, and Muddy Art

108th Nadirism:

...Even worse than the chauvinists are the shove-bshove-ists [relativists.]*

...erger fun di shovinistn enen di shove-bshove’nists (שוה־בשוה’ניסטס)

109th Nadirism:

Of Sh. N., one could say that he had a thick skull--thick with torah.**

Af Sh...N hot men gekont zogn, az er hot a geshtoptn kop mit--toyre.

110th Nadirism:

Words and phrases are the vessels into which you empty yourself. When you are full and in love, you talk on and on. Not because the words mean anything, but because you have to have something into which you can relieve your words.***

Verter un frazn zenen di feser in velkhe du leydikst zikh arayn. Bistu ful un farlibt, redstu a sakh a sakh. Nisht vayl di verter meynen epes nor vayl du muzt hobn in vos zikh arayntsureydn.

111th Nadirism:

Today is yesterday, tomorrow has died

Gift me a dream and cast me aside.

Haynt iz nekhtn, morgn iz oys,

Shenkt mir a kholem un varft mikh aroys.

112th Nadirism:

Everyone is drawn to art. The anemic stand by her living waters in their lassitude. They wash their faces, drink, and are refreshed.

Others bathe their feet in the water. The wade in up to their necks, and they muddy the waters.

Ale tsien zikh tsu der kunst. Bay ir lebedik vaser shteyen di farshmakhte. Vashn zikh s’ponim, trinkn un derfrishn zikh.

Andere bodn zikh di fis in dem. Krikhn arayn ineveynik biz tsu haldz un farblotikn es.

*- This is a pun is something to the effect of “worse than the elitists are the it-all-ists,” but, of course, better and more exact.

**- The reference is to the Yiddish literary critic Shmuel Charney [pen name Shmuel Niger, but a strong case has been made to stop using this problematic name]. The text could also be rendered “one could say his head was constipated with--torah.”

***- Literally “something which you can talk into” or "into which you can direct your speech."

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