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Nadirisms 113-117: Moderation, in Moderation

113th Nadirism:

The wise drinker knows that thirst can be as blessed as the most blessed drink.

Der kluger trinker veys, az der dorsht aleyn iz efsher punkt azoy tayer vi der tayerster getrank.

114th Nadirism:

Mitzvahs--no less than sins--are often very dangerous to one’s health.

Mitsves--punkt vi aveyres--zenen oft zeyer shedlekh farn gezunt.

115th Nadirism:

A man is no animal--he lacks common sense.*

A mentsh iz nisht keyn beheyme--er hot nisht azoy fil seykhl.

116th Nadirism:

Live slowly, my friends!

Don’t live overtime, my friends! Live “normal working hours,”** and when you grow tired, sit down for a while and rest.

There’s no hurry!

Don’t be like that Goy who rushes to finish painting the fence before he runs out of paint.

Lebt langzam, mayne fraynt.

Lebt nisht keyn ibershoen, mayne fraynt! Lebt “normale shoen,” az ir vert mid, zetst zikh avek a vayle un rut zikh op.

Es brent nisht!

Zayt nisht vi yener goy, vos hot zikh geaylt tsu endikn farbn dem plot, eyder es geyt oys di farb.

117th Nadirism:

Waste a lot of effort on your lives, my dear friends, it will be worth it.

Because everything is worth only what it costs--be it in labor or in tears.

Farshvendt a sakh mi af ayer lebn, libe fraynt, vet es aykh a sakh di vert hobn.

Vayl yede zakh iz bloyz vert azoy fil vi zi kost--in arbet oder in trern.

*- This could also be rendered as “he isn’t nearly so wise,” but I think common sense is perhaps more accurate. The term beheyme can also be rendered as “beast” or “cow.”

**- This could also be somewhat more evocatively translated as “live normal time,” but Nadir is clearly intentionally employing terms of industrial temporality (that is, of the work day.)

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