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Nadirisms 128-129: Aphorism of the Harbor & Cruelty of the Stars

128th Nadirism:

Sickly, weak and old ideas, leave my heart and let me be free.

Like rescue ships in a storming harbor. So by dint of need, I gathered you together, and lashed you to the shore with chains, and made you fast and sound.

Now you have become too many for me, and the port teems so thick with rescue ships that, when my hour of need comes, I cannot leave the shore.

Kranke, elter-shvakhe gedankn, farlozt mayn harts un lozt mikh fray vern.

Vi retungs-shiflekh in a shturem-geferlekhn hafn. Hob ikh aykh tsunoyfgezamlt, aykh mit keytn tsum breg tsugeshmidt un far noyt zikh bavornt.

Itst zent ir mir tsu fil gevorn, un azoy gedikht iz der hafn mit retungs-shiflekh badekt, az in noyt-tsayt vel ikh fun breg rirn nisht kenen.

129th Nadirism:

With the night there came a darkness deep and a wild alienation

which the stars by conscience lit, so man could witness in consternation.

Mit der nakht iz ongekumen a vild-fremdkayt un a tife fintsernish, vos shtern hobn zi umistne baloykhtn, kedey men zol zi kenen zen in pakhed-krign!

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