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Nadirisms 136-138: World as Nothing, World as Goldmine, World as Book

136th Nadirism:

If you don’t want to be criticized: think nothing, do nothing, and see nothing.

Az du vilst men zol dikh nisht kritikirn, trakht gornisht, tu gornisht, un zey gornisht.

137th Nadirism:

I read: 65 year Goldmine Fire Started by Spark Someone Tossed In (with illustrations…)

I think: How do all the stones not open their mouths and stare agog at the miracle of human life, which has been burning since something tossed a spark in. --At a whole world, which has been burning. Since someone gave a spark.

Ikh leyen: 65 yor, az a goldgrubn brent fun a funk, vos emetser hot ahin arayngevorfn (mit ilustratsyes....)

Ikh trakht: farvos makhn nisht ale shteyner di meyler uf un blaybn nisht fargaft ibern vunder fun dem mentshns lebn, vos brent zint men hot ahin a funk arayngevorfn. --iber a gantse velt, vos brent. Zint men hot in ir a funk arayngeshlaydert.

138th Nadirism:

The world is a strange book, for the more one reads it, the less one understands. And we are the foolish letters who try to read themselves.

Di velt iz an oysterlish bukh, vos mer men lenient es, alts veyniker farshteyt men es. Un mir zaynen di narishe oysyes vos viln zikh aleyn iberleyenen.

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