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Nadirisms 139-142: My Mother's Handkerchief

139th Nadirism:

I wouldn’t want for my biographies to spend more time on my cravats and pipes than mother’s silk tikhl (kerchief), which lies in my trunk, together with all her sanctified things, wrapped in thin cigarette paper and covered in a kerosine dust.

Ikh volt nisht gevolt, az mayne byografn zoln zikh opshteln af mayne kravatn un lyulkes mer, vi af...mayn mames zaydn tikhl, vos ligt bay mir in kufert, tsishn ale geheylikte zakhn, ayngeviklt in dinem papiros-papir, un badekt mit naftalin-shtoyb.

140th Nadirism:

In life, labor and bitterness are always found in the credit column of the register, and friends--in the debts column.

In lebn shteyt shtendik di mi un biterkayt af der kredit-zayt fun undzer reyster, un di fraynd--af der khuv-zayt.

141st Nadirism:

Not everyone is destined to die alone...some people die because of others.

Nisht yedn iz bashert tsu shtarbn aleyn...a teyl mentshn shtarbn durkh andere.

142nd Nadirism:

We (Jews) are good and bad! Cowardly and heroic, greedy and freely-giving, shop-workers and martyrs, pursuers of happiness and finders of unhappiness. But life teems within us--we are a great scream in a world which is always burning.

Mir (yidn) zenen shlekht un gut! Shrekevdik un heldish, gaytsik un fraygibik, kremer un martirer, glik-zukher un umglik-dergreykher. Ober tsaplen tsaplt in undz dos lebn--mir zenen a groys geshrey in der velt, vos shteyt shtendik in fayer.

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