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Nadirisms 143-146: God, World & Shabes

143rd Nadirism:

God can deny the world, but the world cannot deny the God which it created, and which it formed (be it as reward or as punishment) in its own image.

Got kon zikh opzogn fun der velt, ober di velt kon zikh nisht opzogn dem got, vos zi hot bashafn, un velkhe hot im (vi a baloynung oder shtrof) gefuremt in ir furem.

144th Nadirism:

Faith is life’s most sensitive and noble nerve.

Der gloybn iz der eydlster nerv in lebn.

145th Nadirism:

Shabes came with small steps, dressed in orange-hued branches and resounding river-cellos and fragrant emptinesses and endless skies and three or four infinites.

Shabes was silent.

But I was reminded of something, which I had never known and never forgotten, and which I will never know and which I will never forget.

Shabes iz gekumen mit kleyne trit, oysgeputst in marantsn-farbike tsvayglekh un shpilndike taykhn-tshelos un shmekedike leydikaytn, un himlen on a shir un a dray-fir umendlekhkaytn.

Shabes hot geshvign.

Ober ikh hob mikh dermont on epes azoyns, vos ikh hob keynmol nisht gevust un kh’hob keynmol nisht fargesn un vos ikh vel oykh vayter keynmol nisht visn un keynmol nisht fargesn.

146th Nadirism:

On the crown of an oak tree there sits a bird. [And so] the tree’s crown grows higher--with bird and song.

Afn shpits fun dembeboym shteyt a foygl. Vert der boym-shpits hekher--mit foygl un mit gezang,

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