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Nadirisms 18-20: The artist's gesture, shoe, & truth

18th Nadirism:

There are some people who carry a glass of water with such concentrated exertion, that they begin to sweat in the process.

So too do some “respected writers” offer you their glass of water with that same heavy gesture (a styled grimace)--you would think they were offering their readers God knows how many “barrels of wine.”

Es iz do mentsh vos trognn-tsu a glezl vaser mit aza onshtrengung az zey shvitsn azh derbay.

Mit dem zelbn shvern zhest (stil-grimasn) derlangen aykh a teyl “bekovedike shraybers” zeyer glezl vaser--me volt gekent meynen, az dos derlangen zey dem leyner mideye vosere “feser it vayn!”

19th Nadirism:

The shoe of art begins to pinch. You all but lose your soul. But you’re embarrassed to even say it. You have convinced yourself that a “good foot” must fit every shoe…

Der kunst-shukh heybt on tsu kvetshn. M’lozt shir di neshome. Nor m’shemt zikh oystsuzogn. M’hot zikh ayngeredt, az a “guter fus” muz pasn tsu yedn shukh…

20th Nadirism:

He writes the whole truth (like many other writers, he thinks that everything that happens must be true!)

Er shraybt dem gantsn emes (vi a sakhe andere shrayber, meynt er, az altsding vos se pasirt mit a mentshn iz emes!)

By Moyshe Nadir

Translated by Corbin Allardice

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