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Nadirisms 69-75: Nation and State, Desire and Other Wants, & Moshiach Problems

69th Nadirism:

Every state has as much freedom as it can deprive its citizens of. Every nation has as much freedom as it can prise back from the state.*

Yede regirung hot azoy fil frayhayt, vifil zi ken tsunemen bay ire berger. Yedes folk hot azoy fil frayhayt, vigil es ken tsuriknemen fun der regirung.

70th Nadirism:

Our desire is not our own. Either it is an imitation of another, or it is directed by another.

Undzer viln iz nis undzerer. Mir muzn oder emetsn nokhgeyn, oder fun emetsn getribn vern.

71st Nadirism:

The trouble is...they can only kiss like friends, but they can’t quarrel like them.

Di tsore mit...iz vos zey konen zikh bloyz kushn vi fraynt, ober zikh krign vi fraynt, konen zey nisht.

72nd Nadirism:

The little king lies down to sleep with his crown on his head, not realizing that someone can steal the crown and the head at the same time!

Dos kenigl leygt zikh shlofn mit der kroyn af dem kop un er veys nisht, az men ken tsuganvenen dem kroyn mitn kop ineynem!

73rd Nadirism:

For the rich, God is a luxury like champagne. But for the poor, God is a necessity, like bread…

Bay di raykhe iz got a luksus azoy vi shampanyer, ober bay di oreme iz got a noytvendikayt, vi broyt…

74th Nadirism:

There is nothing higher than man. If god is higher, it is only because we’ve been carrying him on our shoulders.

Keyn hekhers fun mentsh iz nito. Got iz bloys af azoy fil hekher, af vifl der mentsh trogt im af zayn aksl.

75th Nadirism:

In myself, I have long since known this truth: All “the palaces of the messiah” are, as a rule, dreamed up so gradually, with so many years between conception and construction, that by the time the roof is being raised up, the foundation has already rotted away…

In zikh hob ikh shoyn demolt gevust fun dem emes, az ale ‘moshiekh-palatsn’ vern geveyntlekh fartrakht azoy gradyez, un es gedoyert azoy fll yorn eyder m’boyt zeyt uf, az eyder men tsit aruf dem dakh foylt shoyn der fundament…

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