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Nadirisms 82-86: Internationalism, The New Class Struggle & The Inadequacy of One Mind

82nd Nadirism:

In the “internationalization” of the world, Jews want “of their own accord to cease” to exist as Jews. In the fascistization of the world, Jews will be annihilated. We stand between the Devil and the Red Sea. Why shouldn’t we acknowledge the current tendency in global politics: there exist only two active and effective elements. The Right and the Left. “The Liberal,” the centrist is not active, lacks principles of their own, and just wants things to stay how they are. And what could be less romantic, less revolutionary than that? What youthful, active, element could that attract...and to whose power could it appeal?

In der “internatsyonalizatsye” fun der velt viln yidn “fun zikh aleyn ufhern” tsu ekzistirn vi yidn. In der fashizatsye vet men undz oysrotn. Tsvishn tayvl un roytn yam iz undzer lage. Vorem vos ir zolt nit trakhtn vegn der itsiker velt-tendents: es ekzistirn bloyz tsvey aktivizirte un virkendike elementn. Af rekhts un af links. “Der liberal,” der “mitlmesiker” iz nit aktivizirt, hot nit keyn eygenem onhalt-punkt, vil az es zol dervayl blaybn vi es iz. Un vos kon nokh zayn umromantisher, umrevolutsyonerer vi dos? Velkhn yungn kemfendikn element ken es tsutsien...tsu vemen ken es apelirn?

83rd Nadirsm:

The class struggle between the rich and the poor isn’t nearly as hopelessly bitter as the struggle between the newly privileged caste of the empowered against the rightless and the disenfranchised--of the “patricians” whose wealth is power and the “plebeians” whose poverty consists of rightlessness.

Der klasnkamf tsvishn oreme un raykhe iz nisht azoy fartsveyflt-biter, vi der kamf tsvishn der nayer privilegirter kaste fun makhthobers un rekhtloze--fun di “patritsyer,” hos zeyer farmegn iz makht un di pleber, vos zeyer oremkayt bashteyt in rekhtlozikayt.

84th Nadirism:

(CW: Anti-Roma slur)

It is very good that ideas come to me, and they are very good. They come to my window like scattered, weary swallows and they come with bleeding wings.

It’s such a shame that I’m not (always) home to give this Gypsy community of thoughts some scrap of home.

Zeyer gut zaynen di aynfaln tsu mir. Vi shvalbn tsetumlte kumen zey tsu mayn fentster, tseblutikn zikh di fliglen.

Vos far a shod dos vet zayn az ikh vel (amol) nisht zayn in der heym tsu gebn ot der gedanken-tsigaynershaft a shtikl heym.

85th Nadirism:

A single mind is rather meager. Each human would have to have two minds. One mind to work, and another to pay attention to what it ought to be working on.

Der eyngener seykhl aleyn iz vintsik. Yeder mentsh volt badarft hobn tsvey seykhls. A seykhl vos zol arbetn, un a seykhl vos zol akhtung gebn, az der seykhl zol arbetn ahin vu m’badarft.

86th Nadirism:

Religion is an important matter: when there’s no work, you can at least get some enjoyment out of sinning; But if you don’t believe in God and there’s no money, well that’s really awful. Wouldn’t you agree?

Religye iz a groyse zakh, -- timer iz nishto keyn parnose ken men khotsh hanoe hobn fun zindikn. Ober az m’gloybt nisht in got un s’iz nishto keyn gelt, iz take shlekht, vos meynt ir…

87th Nadirism:

I don’t let him speak. Iknowalready! What can he tell me? Especially when I’m worked up...

Ikh loz im nisht reydn. Veysikhvos! Vos kon er mir zogn? Bifrat az ikh bin ufgeregt…

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