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Nadirisms 88-91: Parable of the Wicker Gate

88th Nadirism:

The wicker gate to a fence is bound with a string of bark. It wants to fall, it’s dying, but the string of bark does not permit it. The gate is angry. It stretches as far as it can, bends lower and lower--not even stopping to rest. This morning it will have its way, and fall, and finally come to rest.-- -- --

A geflokhtn tirl fun a ployt iz tsugebundn mit a kore-shtrikl. Es vil umfaln, se shtarbt, nor dos kore-shtrikl derlozt nisht. Dos tirl iz in kas. Tsit zikh oys, vi vayt es ken, beygt zikh nideriker, nideriker--es rut nisht. Haynt-morgn, vet es oysfirn zayns, un gebn a fal, un zikh opruen.------

89th Nadirism:

Everything is boring to a boring person--even Shakespeare; everything is interesting to the interesting person--even the boring one.

Far dem nudnem mentshn iz altsding nudne--afile shekspir; far dem interesantn mentshn iz altsding interesant--afile der nudnik.

90th Nadirism:

Not all that (doesn’t) glitters is (not) gold.

Nisht altsding iz gold vos glantst--nisht.

91st Nadirism:

My power is much stronger than me. It conquers me.

I am a weakling in the hands of my wild strength. I don’t have the strength to contain so much wild, unbounded power. My strength is stronger than me. It beats me down. For I am standing in its way.

Oh, were I to be as strong as my strength. What a giant I would be.

Mayn kraft iz a sakh shtarker fun mir. Zi bazigt mikh.

Ikh bin a shvakhling in di hent fun mayn vildn koyekh. Ikh hob nisht keyn koyekh oystsuhaltn azoyfil vilde, nisht getsoymte kraft. Mayn koyekh iz shtarker fun mir. Er dershlogt mikh. Derfar vayl ikh shtey im in veg.

O, ven ikh zol zayn azoy shtark vi mayn koyekh. Vos far a gigant ikh volt geven.

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