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Nadirisms 92-95: Two Views of a Butter Knife & The Problem of Work

92nd Nadirism:

When, for instance, you grow tired and want a bit of rest, you stop working for the day and rest. But since I never work, what can I do to rest--when I grow tired?

Ot lemoshl, az ir vert mid un ir vilt zikh a bisl opruen “stopt” ir a tog fun der arbet un ir rut zikh op. Ober az ikh arbet keynmol nisht, vi azoy kon ikh mikh opruen,--az ikh ver mid?

93rd Nadirism:

He’s very funny! A young man born already old...

Er iz zeyer a komisher! A younger bokher vos iz geboyrn gevorn af der elter…

94th Nadirism:

The dull butterknife remains in a state of perfect faith, [knowing] that cutting meat is barbaric.


The dull butter knife remains in a state of true perfection, for cutting meat is barbaric.

Dos shtumpike puter-meser blaybt beemune shleyme, az tsu shnaydn fleysh iz barbarish.

95th Nadirism:

I know a young man who was famous for hollering, on any and every occasion, that...there was no one among us Jews who could discover him! He was (so he said) an America who needed to find his own Columbus.

Ikh ken a bokherl, vos hot zikh barimt gemakht dermit, vos er hot ba yeder gelegnhayt geshribn, az...s’iz nishto ba undz yidn, ver s’zol im antdekn! Er iz (hot er gezogt) an amerike, vos darf aleyn forn zukhn zayn kolumbus.

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