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November 6, 1911

I don’t want to dream in waking life. Dream is lie’s truth. In dream, everything is finished and done. But in an environment that puts forth no resistance. I am drawn to dreaming. The best proof that I am all lie.

All lie? I don’t know. But I want to be truth. Truth cannot be there, in the mere discourse of truth and lie, sin and sense. Truth is in the work, in talking and thinking about mundane life: your food, your machine, your salary.* The original sin, the origin of lie, it seems, is the life and mind of a parasite. One must create the truth, create it for and by oneself--what is the parasite if not a lie? He grabs at table scraps, and a curse is on his head. He is afraid of the pain of--birth.

By Moyshe Varshe

Translated by Corbin Allardice

*- “Mundane life” is a rather speculative translation as the text here is heavily smudged and unclear. The text seems to read “in reyd un gedankn vegan aler/oler [אלער], hober [האָבער], mashin, skhires.” Aler can be used to mean all/every (though usually in relation to a specific referent like “all people”), in German Aller means “wood plane.” Hober on the other hand means “oats”. It is also possible that the word in fact reads hobel, though that does not clarify the meaning. It’s also worth noting that mashin means both machine and typewriter. This entry is found on p. 55 of the PDFof Vegn fun a Neshome.

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