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Poem 5 - Trauerorgel (untitled)

A world is sinking, and she trembles,

Trembles in mute pain,

And from generations then to generations on,

Quiet mourning carries on.

The world listens in,

Holds her breath.

Disquiet heart,

My white-blossoming heart,

Be her mourner’s organ!

Be her Trauerorgel!

S’zinkt a velt, un tsaplt zikh,

zaplt zikh in shtumen payn,

Un fun doyres biz tsu doyres

Tsit der shtiler troyer zikh.

Hert di velt zikh ayn,

Halt ir otem ayn.

Flaterdikes harts,

Mayn vays-bliendikes harts,

Zay ir troyer-orgel!

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