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Poem 9: Wandering Eye (Untitled)

Trees and houses floating, dancing,

It all wrapped in haze,

And in the gray dancing, streets

revolve quiet, revolve crazed.

A drowsy, watchful, blank-eyed thing

To a window sloping;

The handkerchief slips down

And its mouth hangs open.

Down low, gray shadows

Are stumbling around,

Someone cursed them

To my sadness to be bound.

Shvebn, tantsn hayzer, beymer,

Alts in nebl iz farhilt,

Un in groyen tantsn gasn,

Dreyen shtil zikh, shtil un vild.

Tsu a fentster tsugeboygn,

A geshtalt kukt shtar farshlofn;

S’rukht arop zikh di fatsheyle

Un der moyl bay ir iz ofn.

In der nider shotns groye

Blonken epes zikh arum,

S’hot zey emets ver farsholtn,

Un farglivert zey in umet.

By Moyshe Varshe

Translated by Corbin Allardice

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