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Poems 3 &4: An Eye & Tu Derbaremen

Poem 3 - An Eye (Untitled)

And an eye, mutely staring,

Keeps, always, always, its gaze set,

And lower and lower sinks

My accursed, tired head.

Always, always,

My heart withers in me quiet,

And in the middle of its budding,

It’s black already, black and dried.

Un an oyg, a shtum farshtart

Rayst zayn blik fun mir nit op,

Un es zinkt alts nideriker

Mayn farsholtn-mider kop.

Yede rege, yede rege

Velkt op shtil in mir mayn harts,

Un in mitn fun zayn blien

Iz es trukn shoyn un shvarts

Poem 4 - Tu Derbaremen (Untitled)

On my poor soul show your mercy, God!

Unworthy and sinful, I beg your grace and not your rod.

From the depths of sin and transgress, bring me stronger,

My God, out.

The devil, the Evil, lies latent yet in me; redeem me from his knout.

This unclean flesh of mine wanders in the deepest dusts of yours

And my quiet trembling heart knocks always at your door.

From the greatest sinner, turn, oh great God, not your face,

And may there fall upon my head but a glimmer of your grace!

Af mayn oremer neshome tu derbaremen zikh, Got!

An umverdiker, a zindiker, bet ikh dayn gnod.

Fun dem thum fun zind, farbrekhen, fir mikh, shtarker

got, aroys.

Der nit-guter af mir loyert, lazy mikh fun im oys.

S’valgert zikh dos umrayn layb mayns inem tifstn

shtoyb fun dir,

Un shtil-tsiterndik dos harts mayns klapt alts in dayn


Funem zindikn dayn ponim, ker, o groyser got, nit op,

Fun dayn gnod an eyntsik shtral zol faln af mayn kop!

By Moyshe Varshe

Translated by Corbin Allardice

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