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Canine Love - Moyshe Nadir

That which I endeavor to tell here is barely suitable to be printed.

We went for a stroll, my hound and I.

He is so faithful and thinks so much of me.

He thinks me to be the smartest person in the world.

When I offer him a crust of bread, he leaps on me.

His tongue is one great kiss, his big, brown eyes avow:

My master is a smartsmartsmarty!

Nobody’s smarter than you!

Only once have I been fooled by him; I shall never forget it.

Nor shall he.

So it happened:

We were walking upon through the woods. The day was hot and stirred up such a thirst in me that I stopped at ever spring we passed and drank.

Necessity then demanded I do that which is crudely human.

My dog stood stock-still, bewildered, and watched me as if he could not believe his eyes.

The fuck!? He thought me the smartest person in the world, and finally I reveal myself not even to know something as elementary, as to lift my leg to pee.

And he howled something awful.

And he never could again be calm – that faithful hound of mine.

from fun mir tsu dir, nayste verk IV, (New York: Freiheit Publishing co., 1932), 144


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