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Ingathering of Miseries - Moyshe Nadir

Homeless pains wandered through me, unable to find the place where they belong.

Miseries without a fatherland or home.

They dragged themselves, like weary mendicants, from one place to another in my body-soul, not knowing where to stop or sojourn.

It pained me that my pains did not know precisely where to cause me pain. And so they wandered aimlessly through the vacant lots of soma and psyche.

But then I struck my hip, whereupon a red mark appeared. And what more, my yowling announced to the miseries wandering through me, “A home at last. Come, gather here.”

And they departed homewards from every cranny in search of rest, a break from their long and fruitless wandering.

And smiling and merry, each misery lay down upon my hip, there where the red mark was. And I heard them say:

Thank god we finally have a cranny of our own.

And this great and united pain was so good and so easy to bear, a thousand times better and easier to bear than so many little pains, wandering around idle, unsure what to do with


from fun mir tsu dir, nayste verk IV, (New York: Freiheit Publishing co., 1932), 144-145


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